Saturday, January 18, 2014

Reaper Dragons: Shadow and Wood

Still painting away on the Reaper Kickstarter Bones. The first image is, I want to say a Shadow Dragon. I painted it up pretty much as a black dragon. It's a nice large figure that if I had any more huge sized bases, I would have put it on one. Detail is fairly good, but this is usually true for the larger Bones figures.

Middle picture is just a scale shot. The shadow dragon stands well above 28mm while the Green is a little under, but wings may make it up that far. The dwarf is another Reaper Bones minaiture.

The last one is actually a metal miniature. He required a little prep work as you have to glue his arms and wings into the base. I also threw him onto a round lip stand because I thought he could use the support thanks to the wings and arms going on. Assembly was fairly easy and didn't require any green stuff but I'm sure I could have added some.

Glad to see Reaper making metal miniatures again. I have a few others that I'm getting ready to work on in various stages of prep but that gets back to the whole problem of having too many miniatures from backing several kickstarters at once and then several of them showing up at one time. It's a good problem to have mind you but sometimes I feel a little indecisive about what I should be working on.

For example, I've got a few lizard men in various stages of completion. These are more Bones figures from the Reaper kickstarter that I'm not actually doing anything with but just had them out when I was painting some other green stuff or priming stuff. I need to figure out my gaming priority as January is half over and I'm still flipping back and forth between different sets of miniatures.

Anyone else have that problem? You backed a kickstarter, like Drake for example, and are like, "Man, I'm going to paint all the dragons!" and it shows up and your like, "Later. I'm going to paint all the dragons later."

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