Sunday, January 12, 2014

Reaper Bones Skeletons and Warrior Woman

One of the things I'm trying to do in 2014 is finished the partially painted miniatures I have. THis warrior woman, who is a true 25mm personality, is one such figure. It was in various stages of painting for years as I just didn't like the sculpt. It came in one of those multiple packs that were sold by the guy who routinely sold the true 25mm fantasy figures including a lot of the old Grenadier range. I'm blanking on it now but if someone remembers it, please share.

Any any time I'm painting, if I have something I can quickly finish, like say some Reaper Bones skeletons? Why, all the better.  Amazon has a SKU under Skeleton Spearmen but I'm not sure if those are the prepainted ones or not. Relatively inexpensive because of the Bones material at $4.75 but the s&h kills you.

These guys were primed black, given a drybrush of a dark ivory I have, one layer on shield and spear, two layers on spear heads, then given a brown wash, and then a lighter drybrush with a standard ivory. That was more than enough for skeletons of which I have dozens if not hundreds.  

Note that despite the fact that these are the same figure their stances are slightly different. This is the Bones material at work. The first one I had to dip into near boiling water and try to straighten out. The back one you can tell that the base itself is warped. For characters that would really aggravate me. For no name skeletons? M'eh.

So total for 2014 is 21 miniatures. Let's see if I can keep this train rolling.

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