Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kagunk Reaper Ogre Bones Miniature

Another miniature done from the Kickstarter from Reaper Miniatures for their Bones line. This is Kagunk, an ogre chieftan miniature. He's done up by Tre Manor and like most of Tre's miniatures, has a ton of detail to him.

We have the numerous straps. We have the pieces of steel plate over the chain mail. We have the various pieces of leather with the numerous studs. We have a horn, and a series of skulls.

For those with a ton of patience, it's a great piece and can really pop when someone who appreciates it takes brush to it.
 The shield is another huge piece. In metal, it's quite heavy. In Bones, it's light. The detail is still very good though. Even the feet, which normally tend to sink into the base, seem good to go here.

On Amazon, they have the Bones version for $3.07. Bad news? The s&h is like $4.00

In metal, the same figure will run you $15.94 but has free shipping.

I can see a few uses for Kagnunk ranging from ogre, to ogre champions, to hill giant. He's just that big.

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  1. That guy is nice. He looks a lot like the Copplestone ogres I have already, though, so I took a pass on him. Still, he's a close match and a very cool figure.

    I like the red leather you put on him - it really pops out well from the armor.