Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Glacial Devil by Center Stage MIniatures

The Ice Devil is another figure I was glad to paint up. It doesn't have a lot of belts, buckles, skulls, or other things hanging around it. It's some neat insect design with a single weapon. The skull on the base is made of green stuff that I stamped out from my Happy Seppuku kickstarter.

The miniature was very clean in terms of mold lines and flash. In terms of assembly, the miniature comes in five pieces. The tail, each arm, and skull, are all separate pieces. The arms fit into the slot fairly easily and provide you with a little leeway in terms of how you assemble it. I put it the way I did so that it could lean against the body and have another contact point for the glue.

In terms of assembly, the only 'bad' thing about it? It comes with a 40mm base. That base he's on in the picture? That's a 50mm base. In addition, the feet are so wide spread, that even on that larger base, I couldn't cut the base to accommodate the tab, so I cut the tab off. This might not have been a bad thing overall, but the feet are raised on that tab so as you might be able to tell from the picture, I couldn't remove all of the base. Mind you I could have worked on it so more but there's that whole lazy thing going on over here.

The figure is sculpted by Federico Genovese who did several miniatures for the 28mm Demons and Devils Kickstarter as well as other miniatures for Center Stage MIniatures prior to that.

This brings me up to 23 miniatures for 2014 and January. Let's see if I can keep it going.

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