Saturday, January 11, 2014

Agramon, Pit Fiend in Bones

This is Agramon, an $11.99 miniature in the 'Bones' material. I received him as part of the original Bones Kickstarter. He's pretty big. He's also an old sculpt by Gene Van Horne that I have in metal. Looking over at the figure in metal, he's now $33.49. Ouch. Hell of a difference there.

Clean up was pretty mild on the figure. There's a lot of detail here. I didn't break out my metal version to see what the comparison was because usually the larger Bones figures are okay. The feet always have that weird shrinkage problem though. Also not a big fan of the base, but too lazy to put him on another base because I already have him in metal on such a base.

I went with my 'standard' for red. The Vallejo Red-Brown primer, followed by GW's old foundation red, followed by one of the new GW's reds, and touched up with some Blood Red, which is one of GW's oldest reds no longer available. I threw an army wash red over all of that and just used a few grays and greens to paint the base.

I have a love-hate relationship with the figure.

On one hand, it's a great sculpt. The fire in the hand, the powerful musculature, the wings, the jaws, the massive tail. All great.

On the other, he's a bitch to store. The wings give him extra height and the tail gives him extra width.

In addition, because he's a pit fiend, the SRD puts him at a challenge rating, for 3rd and Pathfinder editions anyway, at 20. There will not be too many opportunities to use such a figure outside of the highest levels or the most powerful characters.

Still, as part of the first Bones Kickstarter, he's a nice figure to have. Because he doesn't have a lot of belts, buckles, skulls, straps, or other nonsense, he's a fairly quick one to paint. I've seen some other great paint jobs on this guy and those who want to push it past the simple reds I did can be well rewarded with it.

Brings the total up to 17 for 2014.


  1. He looks nice. This is the first time I've seen that mini painted up, and I kind of wish I'd picked him up.

  2. Heck, he's inexpensive at the $11.99 price range. A hero from GW will cost you more. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Sorry about the terrible lighting. Still working on it.

  3. Nice paint job. Ideas on more use: simulacrum spell, a caster used a Pit Fiend scale to make a lair guard CR10ish, Investiture of the Pit Fiend spell on a scroll, an illusion, a shaper posing as a PF, a caster polymorphed, you get the idea!

  4. Which height does it have? I am looking for cheaper alternatives for representing big monsters (Dragons, Manticores, Minotaurs...) for Warhammer Quest.

    1. He woudl be 'large' in D&D Terms. Over here is a good scale shot: