Sunday, December 30, 2012

FRP Games Sale

50% off any clearance item. There are some great items in that section if painting is your main thing. Not too sure about actual 'gaming' values in there mind you as I just browse around and see things I think, "I'd like to paint that", or "I think that would be a great mosnter to kill those pesky players."

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two Indiegogo Projects In: The Ito and Morgraur-Rashaar

Between work putting out the OT and my personal life taking a punch to the face and nocking some teeth loose, but not out, I haven't had much time to talk about the latest two deliverys.

Bushido is a game I haven't played or bought before but I love the look of the minis and when this was initially going, Paizo was doing a Pathfinder Adventure Path with some flavor that fit this type of thing great.

Thought their communication skills need some massive honing here. The amount of updates after the thing ended hasn't exactly been zero, but it hasn't exactly set me on fire and make me go, "I'm in!" for anything they do in the future. Mind you, if they had a fund runner for the book itself when it goes to print and it has some more to offer and I've actually got some stuff painted, I could very well be in. The minis are nice. I thought the Oni would be bigger though...

Just received my package with many miniatures in it. I haven't even had time to crack open the box and look at the big fellow but I did get a lot of other stuff with it as well and they look very cool. I like the rule book which is softcover and fairly well illustrated as well. A little smaller than standard RPG books but not by much.

Hope everyone is having better times then me and that your Kickstarter and Indiegogo Projects are delivering!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

December Roundup of November Painted Minis

For the Dark Age Games comes a weird looking combination of Hook Horror and man. It reminded me for some reason of the old R A Salvatore novel where some innocent is polymorphed into a Hook Horror and slowly loses its mind. I bought it when it first came out at Gen Con and tried to follow the painted picture on the blister. I bought it because as a monster, it didn't have a ton of bags, ropes, satchels, and other miscellaneous bits on it. I threw it on some cork and put some rubble around the base and some of the Army Painter tuffs.

Size comparison of those I finished last month but havent' posted up yet.

This is a Dragonblood Miniature. That company doesn't exist as that anymore. Many of the miniatures wound up with either Dark Sword Minaitures or Cavalcade Wargames.

It's an interesting figure that came with a wide variety of hands. The bad thing though is the arms are a little short. I put him on a round lip based because the Shadow Sea skirmish Game uses those by default and I might make this figure one of the Order of Yosoth summoners. Bad thing about digital pictures? You can see those flaws nice and bright. The right eye for example is huge compared to how it looks on the table top. Oh well. He's done at least.

And here's that assassin I was talking about when discussing Jason Engle's artwork the other day. I went with a fairly simple paint job on him because he, unfortunately, fell into that "I want it done" status.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dwarven Adventure Box Set by Stonehaven Miniatures

The other day I received my Kickstarter package from the Dwarven Adventures Box Set. I've only snapped a pic of the Troll, of which I ordered two. Part of that was due to its limited nature, part of it the impressive price, part of it the whismy factor of the design.

The trolls are made of resin. The dwarves are made of metal. Great casts and some great unusual things about them. They remind me of those dwarves that Games Workshop used to make that included such characters as the miners, drunks, and ninja among others.

The only thing I'm not 'impressed' by are the bases. Resin cobblestone basis for all the dwarves. If you like a little scenic to your bases, they're okay but nothing you couldn't get by using say Happy Suppuku molds on the bases. Upon thinking of it further, I was also a little surprised they went with round bases as Warhammer, Reaper's Warlord, and a few others are square.

Mind you those are minor negative observations and I will do business with Stoneheaven Miniatures in the future again.

There's a nice range of diversity in the figures. They provided all sorts of little bonus things like background cards and character sheets for Pathfinder and D&D 4th ed. Other bits as well.

The most important thing though, was a lot of updates. I cannot stress again how important updates are to the backers. Even if it's just a "Things are progressing in a slower manner than we like but here is what we are doing and when we expect to be done. Here are things we are looking at in the future." Remember, you've already got the money. Silence at this point, is NOT golden. Keep the customers, especially people who may be future customers, in the loop.

With this delivery, I move the link from Miniature Kickstarters I've backed to the oh so rare Completed Kickstarters.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Necroglyph and Steam Engine by Tectonic Studios

So putting together the Necroglyph should have been a breeze but I'm clumsy and impatient. I use that spray that hardens the super glue instantly so when I flubbed the attaching of some of the pieces, well, those pieces were on for good in that manner. I did a Army Painter steel primer spray followed by an Army Painter strong tone dip and then some green wash over it. I went with the green wash because I was thinking Necrons, despite the fact I don't actually play or own many of them. Of course I could have went with that because of the faction in Warmachine... Cyrix, who also has the green glow.

That's an unfinished Anima figure. He's tall, probably 32mm. The Necroglyph is supposed to be around 60mm tall.

The Steam Engine was another easy one to put together. I used that same primer but this time dipped it in Vallejo Black Wash and threw a few colors over it before dry brushing it with some silver. I might touch up the base a little but...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Waystone by Tectonic Craft Studio

One of the easier to punch out and assemble pieces from Tectonic Craft Studio is the Waystone. I picked this up because while I haven't actually played any Hordes, I do love the Druid Faction in that setting and figure, "Hey, one day man! One day!"

The only thing I'd tell you do to is be careful if you have multiple kits because some of the small pointy pieces can easily be mixed up for actual debris if you're not paying attention. I didn't have that problem as I'd already put together almost everything. Only the crane at this point is really making me scratch my head as I've got the two different pieces of it assembled, I just for the life of me can't figure out how those two pieces go together. Glad to hear that he'll be putting some instructions and other bits together soon.

I used some of my old Games Workshop foundation paints on this. Trying to get rid of them and test out the new ones that I bought for Thanksgiving with a good deal from my local FLSG, Games Plus.

I was thinking about putting some blood splatters on the center of it as the druids in the Hordes setting are not kindly individuals. You might also be able to see those limitations I've spoken of before with the methodology used here where the cutting of the non-straight parts is fairly grid or step like between movements. The other limitation is the flat surface. Mind you, it cuts a perfect symbol into the stone but no variation on the surface of the stone itself.
And another shot with a Games Workshop dwarf just for some so you can get an idea of the scope of the thing. This one isn't necessarily that large a piece but it makes a nice addition to the table.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chaos Portal by Tectonic Craft Studios

Another one of the Tectonic Craft Studios pieces, the Chaos Portal. I decided to paint it purple because I wanted to see what it would look like. Were I do to it again, I might instead go with a rusted metal look.

Assembly wasn't bad. There's the one center piece, two identical middle pieces and two identical outer pieces that all go into slots in the main base.

I used Army Painter's Alien Purple spray primer and then the old GW purple foundation paint with some of the old GW Purple wash with a few quick stabbing dry brushes over it.

There are a few limitations inherent in the Tectonic Craft Studio miniatures. The first, is that unless its a straight cut, the edges are not smooth. The second, is that there is no variation in the detail. Those pieces are all even pieces so if you're relying just on drybrushing a broad flat surface your results may not come out as you are used to. Think of it like painting a big flat plane vehicle and plan accordingly.

The base is just some of that basing material from Vallejo. When using it on larger projects like this its much less expensive than the Games Workshop stuff.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Kickstarters I'm Passing On...

With it being December and Christmas time right around the corner, even with working seven days a week sometimes, the funds are STILL limited. I don't know if that means I need to get a better job or stop spending so much money on my hobbies... Can't possibly be the later can it? Nah. Crazy talk.

Anyway, as I'm looking around, I see some with some really fantastic figures that I know I'm not going to jump into.

Eden looks great. The miniatures look fantastic. The scenery great. Its not my favorite type of genre, I don't know anyone who plays it. I'm a little leery of anything not being charged in dollars, although I fully understand why its not.

Spherewars: This looks cool. The miniatures are unique but suitible for most of the games, both RPGs and miniature wise that I play. But I've got so many of those figures already... Yeah, it's a weird thing but I think I'm going to have to pass on this one. The Werebull and some of the other figures may make me change my mind but...

Some I'm actually thinking about supporting...

Blackwatch Gultuch Rebels and Recinforcements: Honestly, this one would already be supported if they had delivered my original order from their first Kickstarter. My level was due in August. It's December. There has been a shipping charge and its supposed to be on the way. No, seriously this time. No man, really. We mean it. For reals! Still, I am a sucker for the genre, even though I don't play it and don't know anyone personally who does... but the release date on this one seems realistic.

DeepWars - Guardians of the Abyss Mini-Kicker : The first one actually delivered! I like some of the factions but not enough 'monsters' for my taste. Still, I do love the temple.

Kingdom Death: Monster: Some very interesting stuff here. Don't know if I need another board game I'm going to probably just shelf and steal the miniatures out of though.

Stuff I will probably pick up regardless due to failed Will Saves.

Imbrian Arts Minatures: They look fantastic. Like Confrontation fantastic. At the height of their awesome phase.

I think that's about it for now but things move quickly on the old funding phases so we'll see where it all is in a few weeks eh?