Thursday, January 2, 2014

Beraded Devils by Center Stage Miniatures

The digital camera is a cruel mistress. I can see I'll have to go into those eye sockets a bit and mess around with them but hey, they're done. Basing is done with the very simple GW basing paint with a quick drybrush over it.

The bearded devils by Center Stage Miniatures came two to an order. They are three pieces, a main body, the glaive, and the base itself. The glaive isn't as terrible as I feared it would be as I tend to absolutely hate anything that needs to line up in two separate points off one other piece. I have an Anime figure that has swords crossing behind him and they never fit. I had two of them so the second one, which also didn't fit, I cut the swords up and assembled then reglued them after they were fixed.

If you have a really small pin drill bit, you could probably pin the hands. I myself went with the much easier and simple accelerator. Hold it down while the glue is there and give it a quick spray and bam, it's on! Now mind you I hear that isn't as strong as a regular glue bond but whatever, they're done.

So 4 miniatures down in 2014 so far.


  1. Where do you get these? I've been looking for them for about a year now but can't find them anywhere. I don't see them on the Center Stage webpage.

  2. You'll need to bug Matthew Solarz directly I suspect. That should be his facebook page.