Sunday, January 12, 2014

Baphomet by Center Stage Miniatures

That big boy is Baphomet from Center Stage Miniatures. He is sculpted by one Jason Wiebe whose done work for numerous companies including Reaper miniatures. Baphomet is the lord of minotaurs and retails for $24.95. I received him as part of the 28mm Demons and Devils Kickstarter that Center Stage Miniatures recently finished sending to me.

He was well worth the wait.

The figure is cast in resin and required minimal clean up. The figure does not have a slot base, which I was too lazy to add him to. I figure if I ever use him as a big bad or something I'll do so at that time. He's another one that I fully painted up in 2014. I used the studio paint job as a basis. I find it's often harder for me to decide what colors I want to paint the figure than actually painting it so when I have a foundation to go on, I'm there.

The figure comes in three separate pieces. The massive head with its multiple horns, is one piece. The left arm raised and ponting, is another piece. The main body is the majority of the figure. Assembly was easy and required a little cleaning of the resin from the head to the main body. I could also have used a little green stuff but there's that whole I'm a lazy bastard angle going again.

I hope that one day they do a variant of the Lord of the Plains again because that too was a great figure. Make it a champion of Baphomet or something. Heck, rerelease the original one during the original convention time to celebrate the anniversary or something.

I added this shot, also of miniatures I just finished, for a size scale comparission. While the warrior woman up front is true 25mm, the skeletons are supposed to be 28mm. Guess that doesn't make a difference when your all bones eh? Anyway, you can tell by the height of the spears and that Baphomet towers over even those, even when behind them, that this is a nice sized figure. He'd make a good minotaur champion if you didn't want to use him as a higher powered entity.

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  1. Nice. I just ordered this figure, and was hoping it wasn't too small. It's just about what I expected.