Sunday, January 5, 2014

Reaper Bones, Reaper Metal, Rackham Metal, and Spyglass even!

That's one of the Hellborn aka Tielfling Reaper Bones miniatures. Another example of me not being able to take a shot to save my life. The daggers are kind of deformed and funky. The paints are supposed to have openings or slits in the side but due to the lack of detail bone miniatures hold... The base is one I picked up from Adepticon as I hate the broccoli style bases many Reaper figures come on and figured I had the base, might as well use it.

Another example of not being able to take a photo. I've painted this half-orc twice now. I lost the original figure, which this one is, in a state of semi-painted status and found him and figured, finish it. Normally I would have lopped it off the base but her's actually metal. While my photo doesn't do him justice, he is sculpted in the musculature fantastic and a good painter could really make him pop.

This is the metal version of Reaper's Necropolis leader, Naomi. I have the Bones version. While it beats this one in price, the detail, like the flying bats out of her raised right hand? Yeah, Bones version ain't happening. I've had this one from the original Warlord boxed set that had Necropolis versus Crusaders and still haven't finished Lord Ironraven or Halbarad. Ugh.

This is a Molydeus, a 'powerful' demon type from the miniature company Center Stage Miniatures. This is another one from the Kickstarter. Good cast and not a lot of mold lines, but I did miss the one running on the top of the figure's arms between head and raised forearm. By the time I saw it paint was already over it so... no, that wasn't getting touched. He comes on a 40mm base I want to say. I based some of the colors on the appearance from the Codex of the lower planes or whatever it was during 3rd edition's run but didn't go red enough on the flesh tones.

This is a figure I've owned for years and decided screw it. I could never figure out how to paint him. The details are so intricate that it's hard to tell where rag ends and bone begins, where chain ends, and bandage starts. So I figured I was never going to be happy with it so get to it. It's a 'Ram' figure, like some type of death knight for the Confrontation game.

Spyglass did a lot of great simple figures. I miss them and was glad that Heresy picked up a lot of them. This is another one I've had in stages of completion for years trying to figure out what colors I was going to go with until I finally just decided to do it. Her base is a Micro Art Studio base.

And as the Beatles would sing, "All Together Now." The ram is very tall and wide shouldered and he's on a standard 25mm base. The molydeus is a huge figure, towering over even the archer on her downed tree.

So that's like... 10 ten for 2014 so far? Lot of Reaper here, but a pleasant surprise with a few of them being metal figures.

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