Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Tale of Two Michigan Toy Soldiers

I'm always on the lookout for different things to change up my painting. I'm not saying make it better mind you, just different. I like messing around with things so that I don't get bored. It's one of the reasons I'm looking into the whole air brush thing.

On one of the blogs I regularly follow, the painter had done up a Nurgle (Chaos God of Disease) sorcerer with a few type of AK slimy grime. I decide that looks pretty cool and want to try my own hand on it. But first, to get some of that AK green slime.

Well, Games Plus, my local, doesn't have any. They carry a ton of miniature stuff and have even been carrying the Secret Weapon stuff for a while, but this stuff, as well as the MIG stuff? Nope. Maybe too much of the hobby side as opposed to the miniature side?

Anyway, I check out the internets and find... Michigan Toy Soldiers carrying it both on their regular site and on ebay. Without logging into the regular site, the regular site is 50 cents more. Not a big deal. when you log in, you get like, $2.00 off.

The problem? The shipping from the regular site starts at like $7.00 and on e-bay, it starts at $3.50 and can be free.

When I mentioned this to the store, their response was something along the lines of buy what suits you best because it normally works out better if you're ordering from the site regularly.

Uh? What? You lose money, at least a little to ebay, and then to ebay again on the paypal if people use that, but you charge them less for shipping? But if I'm ordering enough to cover the difference between the two it's better for me to do so through the regular site?

Look, if I have to play games like that, the question I as a customer pop up as why? In this case, it's because Michigan Toy Soldier is one of the few places in the old United States to carry ti so I'll order it from e-bay, pay the extra $1.50 on the set, save the $3.50 on the shipping, and they'll lose out on the various fees from ebay.

As my friends at work would say when there was something going on that they just couldn't understand why it was done that way, "Applause to you Michigan Toy Soldiers. Applause."

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