Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Latest Batch of Miniatures: Eolith, Reaper, Games Workshop

So all my airbrush stuff has arrived. I've test fitted everything and itl ooks like it will be a go as soon as I get some time off and I set up a place to, you know, actually start the process.

But in the meanwhile, I wanted to clean out the table of some figures I've had in half states of painting for many a moon as well as some Reven Orcs from Reaper that I just primed so that I coud.... yes, get them off the table.

Those are some gnoblars. The first two have a legless gnoblar on their back. The gnoblars in appearance remind me slightly of the Pathfinder goblins in that they are comical. The bases on the first two were done up with the landscape spakle style product Games Workshop is now making. I wanted to test it out some more. Not bad. If I could remember if while I was working, the third one would have had it as well. I initially bought the gnoblars to work with the ogres I bought for my Games Workshop Ogre Kingdom army that I still haven't finish.

Two 'regular' grunt Reven and a 'choppa' style Reven with a two handed battle axe. I don't know why I have so many of them. Probably for role playing purposes as I tend to use a lot of orcs and other bits in my games. Although I haven't run for a long time which is why I have so many unpainted figures...

This is a Spyglass miniature. It's the way I like to see a priest or cleric style figure. He's got the robes, he's got the mace, and in this case, a lantern. If I had any skill at that off light setting stuff he would rock for it. I'll probably touch up the base later. Sadly, Spyglass is now out of business but Hersey picked up quite a bit of their range.

I had some other miniatures done but they're so blurry that there's no point in posting links to them.

Anyway, it's a good time to be painting miniatures as there are still a ton of options out there and a ton of great manufacturers.

Keep painting!

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