Sunday, June 3, 2012

Airbrushing The Night Away

Tried out my new airbrush. Fun stuff. Looking foward to doing it some more. Lays down a fantastic base coat. I have a long way to go before I get anywhere close to comfortable with it but that's okay. Assuming I don't croak in a few weeks, I've got some time.

One thing I didn't talk about is the difference between me priming with Vallejo and using Army Painter. First, Army Painter doesn't have all of the colors. Has most of them, but not all. Second... well, don't know if there is one. They both can go on even. I've had some problems with Army Painter, but that was my fault for not standing close enough so the primer was drying before it hit the miniatures. Both will save you time.

For me, the airbrush is to start things out. I do intend to do more with it. I'll also be curious to see how it compares to regular spray primer in terms of things like use. The primer was sucked up very quickly by the airbrush. If it does that with paint as well, whoa! I can see it being something do use only on those big pieces that I don't want to kill a brush on.

Awesome Paint Job and Les over there provided a lot of inspiration for me to take the plunge but there are a lot of resources on Youtube and the blogs for those who want more information. For example, The LeadHead has several great posts about the materials and use of the dreaded airbrush.

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