Monday, June 18, 2012

Arcane Ruins by Games Workshop

The Games Workshop Arcane Ruins should really be called the Skull Ruins. there are numerous skulls on the pillas and on the single large pillar and on the broken pillars. This doesn't count the tons of skulls you get that you can add to the various bits and pieces. I threw them in my bits box. I was midly tempted to actually cut the rest of the skulls off here because if you take them off, you have a nice ruined temple set. With all the crazy skulls Games Workshop is so known for though, you've got "Arcane Ruins".

Assembly of this is fairly easy. My only criticism is that the mold lines are pretty harsh. Even after some sandpaper attacks and trying to hide them with some of the liquid green stuff, they are still fairly visible at least on the pillars themselves.

One of the nice things is that if you check the Games Workshop website for this product over here, , you see that they have it assembled and painted in a few different manners. This allows you to purchase it more than once if you want to try up different colors or try up different painting techniques. As for me...

I wanted to keep testing my Badger 105 airbrush. I started off with Vallejo's black primer, then the following, all of which are from the Vallejo Air Model rangel, Grey Blue, then USA Gray, then Barley Grey.  after that it was a few hits with brown wash.

For the primer, it was pretty much hit it everywhere with black primer, then almost everywhere with the Grey Blue, then try to cut back on the angel with the USA Gray, and then try to just hit some high points with the Barley.

Let's put it this way, I've got a lot of practice to go to get some control over the thing. Mind you, I could have done much better with the after wash. I could have made sure that there wasn't as much pooling as has shown up. I could have made sure to eliminate the brush strokes that are rampant all over the place. I could have done some touch ups with a brush and added some grass to the crackled marble on the inside. But... it's a piece I specifically wanted to hit with the airbrush and wash and see how it turned out. If I buy another one, or decide to touch this one up? That's another story.

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