Friday, June 8, 2012

Avion Archers from Black Orc Games

Black Orc Games does a miniature game called One Hundred Kingdoms. I've never played it, but some of the factions are great. The Roman Empire inspired gorillas for example? Classic. However, my FLSG, Games Plus, occassionally puts things on sale and in this case, that included these rather large reptillian archers who belong to the Outkast faction or as known in most other lines, lizard men. The interesting thing though, is that the figures have more dinosaur styling to them then traditional. These guys, avion archers,  I've painted up for example, would probably be around eight feet tall with their long necks. Humanoid? Yes. Humanoid to the point other races are? Probably not.

I also do some online shopping at places like Hobby Lobby.

Say hellow to my new clamp. Has a great weight and does a solid job of holding the figures. I can use it to hold stuff that's drying, hold figures so I don't have to get my grubby fingers on them and more!

I'm also in the process of testing out the 'starter' set of GW paints that comes with the High Elves. An... interesting choice not including a brown for things like the bow and spears instead relying on the Imperial Primer. I'll post more of those elves later.

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