Friday, June 22, 2012

Shopping Review: Miniature Market

I recently received an order of various miniatures, both Star Wars for my pie in the sky Blasters and Bulkheads game, and some heavily discounted Ill Exis material from Miniature Market. The later were for the testing of my recent airbrush purchases. I figure why spend tons of money on limited edition resin figures to blast them with an airbrush I don't know how to use?

Anyway, the Miniature Market is one of the places I go to in order to check their various sales and discounted bits. I've ordered from them several times in the past. This includes Privateer Press miniatures and books, the entire run of the original Pathfinder Random miniatures, and well, Ill Exis miniatures prior to this. I'm hoping that the price comes down on a few more of those puppies so that I can place another order.

One of the nice things about Miniature Market, is that they have a 'low' threshold for free shipping. I know, $99.99 isn't free or anything, but seriously, when a battalion for Warhammer or 40K costs around that much, and there are numerous limited edition miniatures that cost that much, and the average price of a miniature is like $10, even from Reaper if it's not one of their special 'Bones' or 'Legendary Encounters', $99.99 isn't going to stop me from adding, say, some Star Wars random boosters to my order to quality for free shipping.

While I've had a few questions about the status of an order, they respond quickly to e-mail. I've never had an order lost. I can't recall any back orders. They do a good job of keeping what they have on stock on their web page. I'm not bashing Coolminiornot but man, when I first started ordering from them, it seemed every order was missing something that I'd been charged for. They were cool indeed in fixing the issue and not calling me a lying bastard or anything, but the missing bits in the first place, especially when some of those missing pieces were part of their limited edition range? Not a happy customer.

That's probably the only big 'weakness' if you will of Miniature Market. While Fantization and Coolminiornot both seem to have their own specialty bits, Fantization having their Rusted Heroes and a new game in the making, and Coolminiornot having their fingers in well, every other damn pie, Miniature Market is, as far as I know, just a good place on the internet to shop.

Check out their clearance seciton one of these days and tell them Kushner sent you.

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