Sunday, May 13, 2012

Texture Testing

Okay, here we have three Reaper Miniatures. The big green guy is an Orc Warlord leader for the Even Faction. The two lizard dogs are from the Dark Haven line. I've owned both for years and decided it was time to paint them. That meant a repaint on the orc whose armor was originaly black. Did I mention I'm terrible at painting black? (Yeah, go ahead and snigger internet. I hear you say "it ain't just black." The lizard dogs I just used brush on Army Painter strong tone after using Vallejo brush on primer that was like German Green or something along that nature.

I decided I wanted to test Games Workshops new Texture Paint. I'm not one of these corporation haters who won't use a product just because it's from company X. On the other hand, GW does tend to be more expensive and well, their decesions from an outside view can sometimes look stupid.

Anyway, Hobbytown had a coupon for $10 off of $40. I figured I'd pick up the new paint set with the high elves. They didn't have that of course. And their starter set they did have was the old one. Not a bad deal if you wanted to hoard that stuff. Anyway, I decided the one thing I didn't have a lot of was something like the texture and the black primer. I'll discuss the black primer in another post if my squirrel brain can remember it.

Anyway, they did have all of the new paints and I picked up the texture, the primer, and a few shades or washes or whatever their calling it these days.

I then used the Lustrian Undergrowth Texture on the lizard beasts and had the Brown Earth by Vallejo on the Orc already.


The GW stuff is like $3.50+ a bottle for very small quantity. The Vallejo is like $12 something for like six times that amount.

But they are different. The GW stuff is almost like dry paint with some large pieces in it to give it some texture. The Vallejo material is almost all texture. Both can go on with a paintbrush and both benefit from multiple layers. But the Vallejo material is almost more like a layer of highly textured material like incredibly fine sand while the GW stuff is like popping down some big hunks in some paint. I'm not sure which one I enjoy more but think that both will have use in my table. If you want some real texture though, be prepared to use a lot of either of them.

This picture is pretty similiar to the other one but with a Celtos elf hero on some cork. I wanted to use the Brown Earth to try and disguise the cork a little. I don't think it really did anything of that nature.

Looking forward to trying out the Snow Texture. I've always had a problem with that as well. Yeah, I know, can't paint black, can't do snow texture on a base, is there anything I can do? Time will tell!

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