Sunday, May 20, 2012

Golem Final Prep and Paint

So after filling the side with some pumice past and putting down some more Woodland Scenics material on the base and allowing it to dry, I gave it a couple of quick shots of Army Primer's Matt Black Primer.

I then did a little underpriming. Well, that's what I've heard it called. You take another color spray primer and then hit it from an elevated angle so that you're not covering all the old primer. In this case it's Army Primer Leather Brown.

I did several dry brush passes on the base with gray. The body I touched up with the Army Painter's paint. It does a good job of matching the primer color. I then went over the whole thing with Games Workshop Sepia and then Mud. I could have tried out the Army Painter washes that come with their paint set but I'm trying to finish off the GW stuff.

It's a nice sized figure and can have several uses. While it's a Golem for Hell Dorado, I suspect that more people will use it as some type of rune scribed earth elemental for traditional fantasy role playing games.

It was a figure very easy to fit together. The arms and torso didn't require a lot of prep work. The surface has a lot of sculpting to it if you're the type who wants to do intensive highlighting and shading unlike myself.

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