Friday, May 18, 2012

Drakon-Sul, Male Elf Hero - Sidhe for Celtos

I've had this figure for many a moon. Like others in my collection, I bought it because it looked cool. The whole thing has a great Sidhe feel to me. Something like out of Naudia of the Silver Hand bit going. The whole range has some great Celtic feel to it. Some of their barbarians are top notch and would make great heroes for any RPG.

I did this guy with a lot of Andrea Paints. Mostly known for their high end miniatures, Andrea also makes paint and other miniature hobby tools and utilities like putty. Several of their boxed sets come in one color with six variants. It's what I used to paint the blue cloak, the silver and gold armor and face. Mind you the metallic colors only have three paints with the other three being inks and I used some of that ink on the cloak as well which somewhat muted the highlighting and shading. On the face I should have painted it before putting the sword arm on but lazy me did not do this wise thing.

The base is cork with some Vallejo texture thrown over it to try and disguise it a little. Not too sure how well that worked. Also did a few scruffs of dead grass from an old Games Workshop tub I have lying around here. Probably could have given that a highlight of white or something but I was tired of looking at the thing at that point.

After giving it a spray with the old sealant, I went over the armor with the gloss again. I tried to avoid the cape and face.

Overall, the figure is fairly simple. Lots of large flat surfaces on the armor and cloak. The face is partially obstructed by the arm when assembled so make sure to paint them separately. Not a lot of accessories on this guy like darts, daggers, belt pouches, back back or other hanging on riff raff.

Game use? He fits as an elf prince in a role playing game and while he is a bit bulkier than some of the Games Workshop or Mantic Elves, I don't think I'd have too much problem throwing him in one of those games or even one of Reaper's Warlord games.

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