Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Necroglyph and Steam Engine by Tectonic Studios

So putting together the Necroglyph should have been a breeze but I'm clumsy and impatient. I use that spray that hardens the super glue instantly so when I flubbed the attaching of some of the pieces, well, those pieces were on for good in that manner. I did a Army Painter steel primer spray followed by an Army Painter strong tone dip and then some green wash over it. I went with the green wash because I was thinking Necrons, despite the fact I don't actually play or own many of them. Of course I could have went with that because of the faction in Warmachine... Cyrix, who also has the green glow.

That's an unfinished Anima figure. He's tall, probably 32mm. The Necroglyph is supposed to be around 60mm tall.

The Steam Engine was another easy one to put together. I used that same primer but this time dipped it in Vallejo Black Wash and threw a few colors over it before dry brushing it with some silver. I might touch up the base a little but...

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