Sunday, December 9, 2012

December Roundup of November Painted Minis

For the Dark Age Games comes a weird looking combination of Hook Horror and man. It reminded me for some reason of the old R A Salvatore novel where some innocent is polymorphed into a Hook Horror and slowly loses its mind. I bought it when it first came out at Gen Con and tried to follow the painted picture on the blister. I bought it because as a monster, it didn't have a ton of bags, ropes, satchels, and other miscellaneous bits on it. I threw it on some cork and put some rubble around the base and some of the Army Painter tuffs.

Size comparison of those I finished last month but havent' posted up yet.

This is a Dragonblood Miniature. That company doesn't exist as that anymore. Many of the miniatures wound up with either Dark Sword Minaitures or Cavalcade Wargames.

It's an interesting figure that came with a wide variety of hands. The bad thing though is the arms are a little short. I put him on a round lip based because the Shadow Sea skirmish Game uses those by default and I might make this figure one of the Order of Yosoth summoners. Bad thing about digital pictures? You can see those flaws nice and bright. The right eye for example is huge compared to how it looks on the table top. Oh well. He's done at least.

And here's that assassin I was talking about when discussing Jason Engle's artwork the other day. I went with a fairly simple paint job on him because he, unfortunately, fell into that "I want it done" status.

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