Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Kickstarter Post for Minis

I generally have fewer issues with Kickstarter and Indiegogo for miniatures than I do for Roleplaying games. It's not a 'real' thing mind you. Plenty of the miniature campaigns have been late. It just seems to me that the miniature companies are way out ahead of it not needing to be asked, "So... what's going on." They're also a lot more visual and we get to see a lot of the work as its being done. They also tend to be 'cooler' in the terms of stretch goals.

Having said that, let's take a look at where some of the stuff is.

Bushido the 5th Faction Ito: Remember how I said generally? shows the last update a long time ago. They've done some postings on facebook and other places but... yeah, won't be supporting them again for Indiegogo or Kickstarter. As someone who does that, I like regular updates. I like seeing WIP on the project page. I like knowing when stuff is coming out and when I should be expecting it. Making me ask? Huge mistake. Shows a lack of interest or ability on the part of the project manager. When your campaign is showing more and more and more of whats going to happen to draw in the funds, you KNOW that its bringing in more intesrest, more views and then is funded and you see nothing? Not something I'm interested in backing.

1650s Rulebook. Man, these miniatures are going to be sweet. I'm just going to have to force myself to paint them. Not quite as quite, they've let me know what's going on in e-mail, which is often better than a general post, and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Blackwater Gulch is a bit too slow going for me. Mind you a HUGE part of this is my fault. I was running so many games at Gen Con that I didn't take advantage of their offer to pick up stuff at the convention. On the other hand, I don't like that we'll be 'buying' stuff from the store as now I have to be more involved. Can anyone tell a lazy theme for one Joe G Kushner here?

Kings of War already sent out most of the stuff. shows that I'll have some more goodies coming next year. I've very happy with the job Mantic did on this one. If they do more fantasy stuff, I'll probably be into it again.

Pirate Goblins has been pretty straightforward and I imagine I'll be getting mine realtively soon. I went with two sets. I hope that if they do anything else in the future, they have more grunts. Part of the 'problem' I had with even ordering two sets is that the figures are just too unique and no one looks like a grunt.

The Reaper one, , is way too far out to think about. Still, from what I understand, the stuff that can ship now is shipping now. Or soon anyway. They've been very good about updating status on different things ranging from paint and scultping, to letting the backers know when things have changed up.

Red Box, , shows that the man is a machine with lots of WIP jobs and apparently a deadline date that will be met soon. If you see my bitching about it next month, you know it failed.

Relic Knights is a bit too cheesecake for me but there were enough factions I liked that I wound up getting into it. Since these are the same people who did Zombicide and I actually ahve my copy of said board game, I'm good with them.

The Dwarven Adventurers set has had a lot of great updates and a lot of the things, like character sheets, and WIP jobs have been posted. I'm pretty happy with the pace so far and getting to see the stuff as its coming down the pipe is nice. It's important to note that because I went with the cheap shipping, my stuff will be coming later even though some have probably already got theirs.

Tectonic Crafts Studios... yeah, I'd like to say that the updates and seeing the stuff their working on is good and all but they're a little TOO late. I get that the machinery can be complex and we're not talking about simple stuff. And I hope they do well. But I personally will not be supporting them in the future for Kickstarter projects. For purchases of stuff they have? Sure. But for something that was supposed to be sent out in... June I think, we're up to October and well, while he has indeed started shipping things out, at my level I think it's just going to mean more waiting.

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