Sunday, September 2, 2012

Reaper, Black Orc, Games Workshop, Kickstarter and More!

I have been painting! I just haven't had a lot of free time between overtime and then Gen Con 2012 and then more overtime.  I haven't been using the airbrush that much though. I'm still working on the stuff I base coated with it from the last time I used it.

In terms of Kickstarters, I received Zombicide. I didn't go in for all the extras on this one because while I like Zombies, I don't play a lot of modern RPGs. I also backed the Reaper Kickstarter but the apperance of minis will be well and away a while. Another two I backed, 1650 and Pirate Goblins, along with Red Box Games, only recently ended. The biggest problem with the Pirate Goblins in my opinion, too many characters and not enough grunts. Made getting more then one set, despite the awesome costs, seem counter productive.

In terms of miniatures other people might be interested in that are still going on, Rafm , an old school miniature company, has some 1889 going on. There are others dealing with sports but I don't do that but wish Mantic and the others the best of luck with them.

That's one of the big boys from Black Orc Games. He's huge. Like Ogre size. And Metal. And comes with two different sets of arm. And the tail armor is optional. And he has a dino-skull head piece that is also optional.

Gnoblars from Games Workshop. Using the new texture paints for the base. I have a ton of these little guys. They make good subs for Paizo's weird goblins if you can't find those suckers not necessarily in exact terms of apperance but in 'goofy' factor.

This is a plague demon from a third party. Something like Ultra Forge I want to say? There was so much potential there but the right arm had a HUGE gap that took a lot of green stuff and of course as I was working on it I kept finding more and more mold lines that due to the nature of the model being highly detailed, I didn't both to remove since I feared destroying the detail in it. Still, an interesting piece but more at home in 40K I believe than fantasy.

A Reaper Djini. I used Happy Suppuku to do the base, using their... I want to say Sand mold. Pretty happy with it. It blended well with the base that came with the figure.

This is a Bones Reaper figure. That means he's plastic. Seeing the kickstarter for Reaper I wanted to do another one in their line. I put him on a base not because he needs it, but because he's also a figure in one of the Reaper dwarf factions and their Warlord game uses square bases.

This one is metal. I sculpted the base on trying to make it cracked cobble stone like. I would have much rather cut the figure off the base, which is way too small, but because the figure has a cloak, that whole cloak is part of the base and I've done that before and it is a huge pain in the ass.

I have a ton of other figures in various stages of preperation and some that still need more work. Hope everyone else is having a better time of it then me!

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