Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mantic Skeletons

I've already spoken about my assembly of skeletons from Mantic. Below is the semi-finished and then the finished result.
The above is one layer of paint over a black primer with Army Painter Strong Tone. As always, I'd recommend anyone using Army Painter go back in, especially over large flat surfaces like shields with some thinner and even it out. The other bad thing about Army Painter is that it pools. You might want to keep some clean paper tools around to dab that off.

The above picture has been hit with Purity Seal, given some basing material and well, it's done. I could go back in and dot the eyes and add some more basing, add some highlights to some of the cloth and shields and chain mail but that would defeat the purpose of using the Army Painter methodology to begin with.

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