Friday, October 26, 2012

Reaper Moor Hound

The Reaper Moor Hound is a nice simple figure. I initially bought mine because I thought it would make a good substitute if I wanted to do a run off of Brotherood of the Wolf or something along those lines. I figured it could be a great hunt into the moor where NPCs would get picked off left and right in ruins with a final showdown.
Anyway, the Hound had a minimal amount of flash and venting. It went together easy, the left arm being separate from the main body, and just a touch of green stuff to hide the seem.
Have I mentioned that I'm lazy?

When I finally do get things together, like my airbrush, I tend to see how lazy I can be. This guy's body and fur? All done with 'zenith' highlighting with different primers from Vallejo. Started with black, then a light brown from a higher angel, then an almost tan brown from almost the top.  I then hit the skin with a sepia wash and the fur with a brown wash and picked out the claws, teeth, nose, eyes, tongue and mouth. I put more 'effort' if you will into the base. That's some army painter flock and over some Gale Force Nine foundation.

Again, not my best work but... it's done right?

From the Reaper forums, here's a size comparison of the beast compared to a few Reaper figures and I believe Dire Wolves.

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