Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Kickstarters I'm Looking At... An Indiegogo for Otherworld Miniatures. They do some great old school bits and this would be for the adventurers. I loved the old Citadel figures because they had character not just ultra bad assery going for them. These guys look to follow that model. Center Stage is another old school but this is focused on demons and devils. It's almost certain I'll be throwing some cash at this one. Don't know much about them but I love that Cyclops and some of the concept art is fantastic. Sitting on the fence. While it has some great potential I'm looking at the others and looking at my wallet which is begging for a break. This one is for some interesting looking prepainted figs. I think it might be a little too high for the initial 'win' and I think that they may make it because they still have some time. I've seen their previous works at Gen Con and was going to buy some but they weren't taking credit cards at the time so... And of course the ONLY way to really pay with it now is credit with an Amazon account. Irony? Dwarf gladiators. I really like the concept. The problem is its very limited in use if you're not doing some 'Blood Bowl' or doing a gladiator campaign theme in your setting. Still... I'll have to see how finances are but it doesn't have that long to go. I'd love to see them do some art styles like Angus McBride's gladiators. I don't play Carnevale but damn does that look bad ass.

I'm sure there are a lot of them out there I"m missing. Anyone have any that they're looking forward to getting in on?

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