Sunday, November 4, 2012

Metal Kommander Sorscha and Reaper Grave Elemental

I finally finished Kommander Sorscha. I've had here sine War Machine originally came out. Yeah, a long time. I kept meaning to paint her but since I never actually played the game... Well, she's done now.

As I continue to sort out my miniatures, I occassionally come up against some that are almost done. They get a quick cleaning, priming, where necessary, adn finished off. This is a Gravel Elemental from Reaper for their Necropolis faction in the Warlord game.

And there he is finished after assembling, scrapping off a mold line I could only see from one angel, but once seen could not be unseen, and given a touch of one of the Vallejo Primers over the brown and a different Vallejo PRimer over the green that needed touching up.

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