Monday, April 8, 2013

Crowdfunding miniatures perfect for OA, L5R and other Eastern Styles

Over here on, we have an Indiegogo campaign for Kensei, Fantasy Creatures. The company has already past its funding. Lot of miniatures and a lot of different levels. Nice thing is that you can get some great deals, some bonus figures, some exclusive figures and all sorts of other benefits.

Over here, we have EastAsian Village. Which has also blown past its starting goals. has a lot of their current material. Some nifty stuff.

I haven't backed either.

With no lease and people looking at the apartment and my future living location up for grabs, I don't think it wise to just up and spend hundreds on miniatures.

Well, that's part of it. There's also the physically moving stuff to storage ahead of time just in case.

There's also just the 'general' money issue mind you. with so many Kickstarters I've backed still leaving the customer high and dry, not only in terms of product, but in being 'part of the process', I'm not really motivated at this point.

When speaking of that part of the process, I've seen too many Kickstarters start off strong. To get the money in, they show WIPS, they show stuff they've done before. They're on the comment board talking about what they're going to do.

Once it actually starts? Maybe a few WIPS here and there and maybe some connection with the crowd, but yeah, that initial rush is dead.

There are a few that do better than that though. The guys at Stoneheaven, , for example, excellent job all the way through the Kickstarter funding to delivery.

I may cave mind you. The Kensei bit is especially appealing but...

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