Saturday, March 30, 2013

Save Versus Poverty!

Well, outside of one recent RPG backing of a Kickstarter, I've managed to avoid several I wanted to become involved in.

For example, Zombicide 2 looks fantastic. I like some of the figures in the original set. I haven't backed the second one because I've never PLAYED the first one. Completely my fault, but if I haven't played the first one, no matter how shinny the stuff from the new one looks, what are the chances that I'm going to suddenly become a gaming fool? Not good I suspect.

Hell Dorado just had a Kickstarter and they have a fantastic range of figures. I own several figures from the range but no the core rule book and I've never played it. I have painted some of the characters and still have several that are primed and ready to paint. Again, save!

Empire of the Dead had a fantastic value going for it's expansion but again, it's a game I'm not into. Many of the miniatures are a little too specific for the genre. And it's one that I think I'd enjoy, but without the actual dedication or time to playing the games I've got now, or finishing the ones I'm into now...

Mind you, there are several still ongoing that I'm tempted by. Dwarven Forge has a lot of dungeon terrain and I've used it in the past. It's a little awkward to carry around and set up when you have a lot of them going so I haven't used it in a long time. The new sets are meant to be less expensive than the previous ones while keeping the quality. I'll keep an eye on it.

Drake looks fantastic. I could easily see myself using several of these figures for my dungeons and dragons campaigns. But... I'm looking at a shelf of unpainted figures that includes characters from Freebooter, Warmachine, Malfiaux, Warhammer, Warlord, and a few other ranges I can't name off the top of my head. Ditto for Torn Armor. Some of the larger figures in particular look mighty tempting. The minotaur brothers? The golems? But... the whole money and time and new game thing...

Another problem though, outside of possible move, which will require massive funds, and lack of time, and the material I already own, is the stuff I've already paid for that has not come in yet including a large batch from Red Box Games, Reaper, and Dark Platypus. With many hundreds of dollars there unaccounted for in terms of my possessions, can I really 'man down' more hundreds for toys I'm not going to use?

For now, the will save is made and the answer is no.

Anyone else find themselves conflicted between supporting some great ideas and having the dreaded real life issues hold you back?

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