Sunday, April 14, 2013

Retribution of Scyrah

When it comes to actually assembling an army to play one of the many games I own, I'm terrible at it. When No Quarter #34 came out in January 2011, it featured a power progression article on the Retribution of Scyrah. I had a few of the figures and went out and bought some more of them so that I could try out a force for the then new edition of Warmachine.

Well, I finally finished off the "Battle Box List" which consist of Garryth, a Chimera, a Griffon, and a Manticore.

I shouldn't say "finished" as I need to do a few touch ups on Garryth. When I was painting him I dropped him and broke off his arms. I just reglued them and realize I want to touch up his eyes, a few thin layers of pure skull white and a few other bits.

Ironically enough, they NOW have a real battle box for these guys so I may wind up buying that as well and testing out my airbrush. I think since the base body is almost all white anyway, I can build up the layers a bit better than I did with a brush.

I find that when I'm working with thin paint, it's very difficult for me to cover up the brush strokes. They may not be TOO bad in the image but they're pretty visible when the figure is under good light.

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