Monday, April 15, 2013

Army Painter and Air Brushes

While I was at Games Plus the other day, picking up an advance order for some Gale Force 9 official D&D miniatures, including a Purple Worm.

One of the guys in the store was talking about buying the figures and how expensive they were. Now I'm not saying they're cheap or anything but a few resin figures for $50 bones when Games Workshop and others are selling single figures for the $15-$30 range? Not terrible. We then discussed using an air brush on the Purple Worm. The guy wound up buying both packs.

As I was checking out though, he noticed that I had an Army Painter primer. He was a little surprised that I talked about using an air brush while buying spray primer.

Well, I enjoy using my air brush. I'm still new to it. I have a lot of paint. I have a lot of Vallejo Primers. I'm looking forward to buying some more color style primer from AK Interactive when it comes out to the states.

But to use the airbrush...

1. Get the big old box that sucks up the paint air ready and plugged in.

2. Get the compressor ready and plugged in.

3. Get the airbrush and make sure it's working and plugged in.

4. Test the airbrush on the side.

5. Paint!

Army Painter.

1. Grab the can.

2. Shake the can.

3. Spray.

While it may look like a mere two step difference, there are worlds of set up time that popping the lid off a can and shaking it up don't cover.

In addition, Army Painter sprays are good primers for the most part. Not all airbrush material is a good primer. When I can get primer in a color that's going to go a long way to laying down that base coat, why not? Alien Purple for example, will probably be perfect for the purple worm.

I try never to dismiss a tool that can be useful and while I think that the air brush has a lot more variety and utility in its use, simple is something we shouldn't be eager to throw out, especially when it works.

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