Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Temptation Awaits...

I'm pretty broke these days from too many Kickstarters but I can't help but find myself being drawn into at least looking at some of those ongoing. While I managed to resist the Otherworld adventure founding, which was indeed a bitch to do because it did well and wasn't that bad, doing the same for Freebooter's Fate was easier.

Mind you, it wasn't because the miniatures didn't look fantastic. They did. It's just that I don't play the game and some of those figures are of a specific time frame, even in a fantasy game and they are premium. Now when I say premium, I'm not saying their not worth the price, or that they're over priced or anything like that. There are miniature lines that are more expensive than the 'standard' and if you don't want to pay that preimum, you have to keep these things in mind.

Anyway, Eden looks to be very interesting. I've seen some of the miniatures before but never played it. Prices don't look too bad and some of the scenery and other bits look nifty.

Shadowsea is by a company that I've supported before. Doesn't look like this one is going to make it though. I'll check on it again in a few days but...

The real one erroding my will power though, is Assimiliation Alien Host.   Funded? Check. Neat figures? Check. Lots of stretch goal goodness? Check.

Wallet wimpering in the corner even as I'm prepping to go into work two hours early? Check.

Still a little over a day to go though so I'll continue to fight that urge until I can verify some other bits...

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