Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tectonic Craft Studios: Kickstarter Rewards Part One

So many moons ago, Tectonic game out with a kickstarter to come out with some inexpensive terrain. It looks interesting and I'm always a sucker for terrain that's not too much of a PIA to put together and use.

According to my pledge level, those rewards were due in June. Didn't happen. Then the online store opened. I figure that yeah, the machinery is there and it needs to run but at the same time, where's the backer's stuff? Didn't happen. Then a Thanksgiving sale happened and I asked if we could have the stuff already done sent out. Too expensive in terms of shipping. Then I asked, "Hey man, I know you don't have everything ready but how about if I order some stuff can you send me the other stuff I already paid for?" It wasn't a problem on his end and it was delivered very quickly. If I like the stuff after all is said and done, I might order from him again for stuff that's already done.

So the things here are the chaos portal, barbed cage, and the stone well.

I have a bit of other stuff to put together...

So... I think I screaed up the cage by putting that grate on top. I think it was supposed to go on the bottom or on the inside or something along those lines.

I haven't glued the Chaos Portal together yet.

The well was interesting for a few reasons.

Overall, not bad but some of the material is so fine that it breaks. Some of it is so close together, you you better be very good with your hands. The material feels cheap, and not in a good way. I don't know how well its going to hold up to heavy use or play. I've still got to assemble some more stuff and paint it up.


No instructions. Checked the website and didn't see anything. I could be missing it and I'm not saying that this is brain surgery, but having a quick video for each piece probably wouldn't be a bad idea. As a matter of fact, since the kickstarter updates have pretty much come to a crawl, putting them up might give people something to look forward too.

Heck, for some things, like the Sundial, it might be a great visual. I'm sitting there playing with it and didn't realize one piece with with another and was like, "How does this thing go together" before I realized that I didn't have the all the pieces together. Big d'oh on my part I"m afraid but if you only look at the one picture on the website, you don't see the bottom piece. Without that bottom piece, it really doesn't work because that pointer does not have a slot while the sundial has one. Thankfully that bottom piece has that.

And of yeah, that bottom piece with the reaper and the scythe? Good luck punching that out. You'll have the patience of a siant by the time you do it if you're a better man than I.

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