Saturday, March 23, 2013

Stonehaven Trolls

So first off, I haven't forgotten this blog, I've just been getting beat at the Game of Life. My mom has been sick, like in the hospital, out, into physical rehab, back into the hospital, and now back out. She's spent December through last week out of the apartment.

I got a 'promotion' that has net pay less than what I was making, but I should be working less net hours so raise? It's also not my style of job I'm quicly finding out and that is also taking its toll on the mental stress levels.

Oh yeah, I also have no lease! My landlord decided to flip the building. I'm shocked I say. After living here for like four years, and the guy NEVER painting the hallways that he already patched up, or not replacing the missing doorknob, or not keeping the place upkept at all, I'm shocked I say.

So yeah, that is another stress level kick up.

I've also not been painting! So yeah, not much to post if no painting.

On the other hand, some of the Sedition Wars stuff came in.

I haven't opened the box yet.

In addition, some of my Antimatter Kickstarter stuff also came in.

That box is also unopened.

My airbrush has sat unused for many a moon but I bought some Badger Minitaire paint. Amazon sat on that order from a loooong time but it's finally here.

The box is also unopened.

Anyone seeing a pattern there?

So why post now?
Yup, I finished a miniature. This one is from Stonehaven Minaitures and is a Kickstarter Exclusive. I hope they change their minds on that as he's a fun figure. He's friggin' huge. He's also the second one I've painted.

As you may be able to tell, I wanted the too to look very different from each other. I know GW has both blue and green trolls so I figured why not go with that. In addition, these guys don't really look like say, Dungeons and Dragons trolls so I wasn't too worried about keeping any standard colors to them. I think most of it was done with Games Workshop paint but I started on the guy so long about I couldn't be sure of that.

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