Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dwarf Purchasing: indiegogo versus Kickstarter

Avatars of War recently did a funding campaign for their dwarf army faction. It's initial goal was $20,000 and it raised almost double that.

Despite owning many dwarf heroes from that line, and even the dwarf troll slayer boxed set, I did not support it.

Stonehaven Miniatures, a company I'd never heard of before, recently did a Kickstarter for Dwarven Adventurers. I went in for the level that could provide me with each dwarf and even two resin trolls.

Why one and not the other? Especially if I'm already buying figures from the one line?

The Avatars of War figures look like they are meant to be army figures and more specifically for say, Warhammer. Nothing wrong with that. I have a ton of such dwarves especially from the old Warhammer boxed set.

But it wasn't what I was looking for.

In addition, I'm not crazy about indiegogo. You can't change your pledge levels or manage your pledge as easily as you can on kickstarter.

In addition, you had to pay shipping. I'm not saying shipping should universally be free but in many instances, it is. Why am I going to cough up $5-$15 or more for shipping when I can buy somewhere else and not pay it?

I'll probably be looking at the Avatars of War material once it comes out but in the meantime, check out those Stonehaven Miniatures eh? Eh?

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