Saturday, July 7, 2012

Athak Reaper Warlord

Many moons ago I bought a Dexlue Reaper boxed set of undead that came with an alternative Athak Reaper figure for their Warlord skrimish game. I finally got around to painting it today. I've had it assembled for many moons but finally got tired of looking at it. The base is done with a Happy Seppuku mold and good old green stuff. I dug out a piece to make it look more worn. After I took the picture I then put in some 'wasteland' grass in the hole to give it a little more 'natural' feel.

The model isn't my favorite. He may not look it, but a lot of the details on him are tightly integrated to each other. For example, the tabbard criss crossing his chest under his shoulder plates. For example, the elaborate and tiny bandso f gold on his red armor on front and back. The tiny studs all over the place. But hey, he done right?

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