Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July Sales and Kudos

I may have mentioned before that I've been collecting Privateer Press miniatures for years. Recently the company decided to release some of their classic units that used to be sold at minimum strength in unit sizes of maximum strength. Units like Greygore Boomhowler and Company.

I've had the six pack for years and well, it motivated me to assemble the miniatures for either RPG or future use one day. When I did so though, one of the guys was missing his battle axe. Privateer Press took care of it in a manner of days. Kudos to them for the quick no-hassle replacement.

Miniature Market is having a board game sale. I placed an order two-three days ago and it arrived already. I bought some more Privateer Press miniatures for reinforcements for my angry elves and mercs as well as the two Okko board games that were on sale. Great graphic novel series there on a fantasy style Japan setting for those interested in that vein. Solid art and good story telling.

One of the problems if you will, and it's a "first world problem", is that our hobby has so many niche specialty items, that even a great game store like Games Plus in Mount Prospect, doesn't have everything.  Mind you I was just there today and very pleased to see the new range of washes by Vallejo Paints.

Michigan Toy Soldiers though, is having a sale and they have some Andrea and Scale 75 and Lifecolor paints that I've wanted to test out.

Well, let me amend that. The Andrea paints I've used in the past are fairly solid if a little thick. You'd have to really thin them if you wanted to use them in an airbrush. The Scale75 looks like it's using a similar idea of themed colors and I've watched a few videos of Lifecolor and they look pretty solid. But you don't want to pay full price for these things right? But that's what a sale is for!

But with July 4th around the corner, we have other companies, like Fantization having a flat 20% sale. They also have some of the Andrea and Scale 75 paints as well as a good selection of materials.

In short, it's a good time to be a hobby painted so grab those brushes and batten down the hatches!

Anyone else getting in on sales while the getting is good? Leave a comment if so!

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  1. For anyone who's just looking for some cheap minis to map out combat in a modern, sci-fi or superheroes game, check out Miniature Market's selection of HeroClix and HorrorClix figs. They start at 10 cents, and they have a ton under a dollar. You'll have to pay shipping, so plan to get a bunch or add them when you're ordering something else, like I did.

    The HeroClix bases are huge, but it's a cinch to pop these off the original bases. Just stick a utility knife between the fig and the base and lift it. The mini will pop right off. Then you can glue them onto normal-size bases. Miniatures Market has Confrontation 30mm bases 8 for $1. These don't have a slot, so they were perfect for rebasing the HeroClix figs I got.

    Hopefully this photo will work:

    I got these for the Shadowrun adventure framework "Ghost Cartels."