Friday, June 14, 2013

Painting, Priming, and new Kickstarters!

I like Malifaux. Let me amend that. I like the figures for Malifaux. It's another one of those games I've been collecting since it came out but never actually played. I had figures before they were actually in a faction!

I am not impressed with their move to plastic. Let me clarify. I'm not saying it's not necessary for them to do so but when the figures that come out of that are worse in almost ever fashion then existing figures? And not cheaper? Those are not good things.

Look at the detail here. The metal guy is bursting with detail in the muscles. His hood and loin cloth are well sculpted and detailed. The guy on the right? It's adequate in a 80's sort of way. The technical proficiency is there in terms of flow.

The details, when present, are also not 'deep'. The wood for example, is not a heavy grain and could easily be overpainted even with drybrushing.

The worst thing? The metal guy is as big as a large ogre and is $16.50 in metal. It has weight. The rail golem is as light as a base and costs $35.00 and in my opinion, isn't anywhere near as detail. To me, plastic isn't ready to take over. Maybe the other figures in the range are all super detailed but I think the spots that are going to benefit are going to be machine style figures that don't require a lot of sculpted detail, like cloth or muscle, and those that are all smooth, will be fantastic. Maybe I'm wrong thought and it's already changed.

If you've got the chops though, it won't matter. I've seen some fantastically able miniature painters take the figures from say, Hero Quest and do them up in an award winning style. I'm no where near that good but the air brush was good for laying down base coats and other bits.

The base under the big guy is actually a Happy Seppuku miniature mold made base. I should have reversed that. It's not like the rail golem needed the extra height or anything.

Speaking of Happy Seppuku, they are doing a Kickstarter to revisit their bases and make them better. With all of the Reaper miniatures, among others hitting the shores soon, I'm already down, even though I am dead broke. Uh. Miniatures. Love them but they is expensive.

Speaking of Kickstarter miniatures...

These two are from the Tentacles & Eyeballs one. This guy went above and beyond the call in terms of communication and, even more importantly, giving the backers MORE than they initially asked for due to the out of his control delay. That's damn fine customer service.
The miniatures themselves need some cleaning and mold lines can be a PIA with the worm thing due to the wrinkly skin, but if he does another Kickstarter, I would probably pledge.
Speaking of priming, I used my good airbrush from Badger again. Not the 'Renegade Khrome' but my Patriot 105. I'm slowly getting used to it. One of the most annoying things is the maintenance of it. Unlike say a can of primer that you have a minimum amount of prep work, cleaning and keeping things in order, is a vital necessity for an airbrush.
Still, time saving? Oh yeah.

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