Saturday, August 10, 2013

Red Box Kickstarter Troll Cast Zombies are Tiny eh?

When I unpacked my zombies from the Red Box first Kickstarter, I was a little concerned with how small they appeared. I was able to pop then onto their tiny round bases and clean them up pretty easily. You also got twice the amount of rank for the same price as one of the standard ranks so that was good.

I ranked up some miniatures from various companies. I made sure that the front of the bases were all approximately at the same 'start' point so that distortion from distance from front to back wasn't causing the issue. When you're a modern figure on a 30mm base, having some lip of the base while the body is back can cause some scale visual issues on photos. So above the front of the bases all line up if you used a ruler.

So from left to right...

Snake Man priest, true 25 mm.

Red Box Kickstarter Troll Cast Zombie.

Retribution Elf Mechanic.

Malifaux Guild Member.

Games Workshop Wight Lord (Old Krell figure)\

Dark Sword classic style wizard.

That Red Box kickstarter figure is just a tad taller than the true 25mm snake man.

The good news is that there are a lot of unique sculpts in the zombie range.

Further good news is that the details are crisp and clear.

Even more good news is that they are easy to clean up.

Bad news? Way too small. I don't know if that was a result of the switch but I've had other Red Box figures and I don't recall them being this tiny. Sure, they might be 'true' 28mm figures but the dwarves for example often blend in well with say some of the Reaper dwarves that aren't in the Warlord Range and some of the older Games Workshop stuff.

These zombies? No way man. Far too small. Great news for those running true 25mm thought and looking for some hordes. They were cheap. It was like two ranks for the price of one. Hate the small sized bases too. Like smaller than 20mm. Probably... 15mm round?

I'm looking forward to seeing how they take primer and paint next.


  1. That's quite small. I'm not against smaller miniatures (especially for tabletop mass-battle games), but these seem odd compared to the others.

    Mind you, scale creep is a big problem in minis. These have just gone the other way!

  2. If I had seen them in a scale shot compared to other minis like this, I probably would've skipped them.